About AtomPeace.org

AtomPeace.org is an educational website that provides information on peaceful uses of the atom, with special focus on nuclear energy.  It is a service of UxC, LLC (UxC), and is dedicated to advancing knowledge and critical thinking about how the atom can be a positive force for humankind.  This site is directly funded by UxC with proceeds that it generates from its ongoing business.  Some of the content is original and some of it comes from already published UxC material and other sources.

The website is divided into six components, as follows:

About – This section provides background about the AtomPeace site and the way this site is organized.

News – An ongoing update of news stories on developments associated with the atom.  These are divided into categories that can be viewed separately.  This work is original to this site and is updated periodically.

Articles – This section contains shorter pieces on subjects of interest that are original to this website or come from other sources, especially cover stories from the Ux Weekly.

Chronology (Under Development) – We are in the process of combining various chronologies dealing with developments impacting the atom and are augmenting these with additional entries to develop a comprehensive chronology of the atom.  We are further subdividing this chronology into various categories so that the history of specific aspects of the atom can be better traced.

Research – We are collecting a set of research papers on various topics related to nuclear power, nuclear fuel, and nonproliferation.  Some of these are to be taken from past essays that appeared in UxC publications, including the Uranium Market Outlook, Enrichment Market Outlook, and Nuclear Power Outlook reports.  While most of these essays are somewhat dated, they do highlight many of issues that continue to be relevant today.  In addition, this section will include some research papers from other sources as well as original research prepared for this site.

Projects – It is our intent to pursue certain projects that are in keeping with the goals of this website. One such project that is currently ongoing is the development of a comprehensive chronology of atomic events mentioned above.  As new projects are launched, they will be detailed here.

About UxC

UxC is the leading supplier of information and analyses on the world nuclear fuel market (www.uxc.com).   This service is made available through various publications issued by UxC to clients around the world as well as periodic webinars and seminars and our UxC website.  The nuclear fuel market depends on prices published by UxC, which introduced the first weekly spot price for uranium 35 years ago.   In addition, UxC partnered with CME (the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) in 2007 to establish the world’s first and only uranium futures contract (the UX contract).  UxC price and market information is often referenced in publications such as The Wall Street Journal where UxC experts are also quoted.

In addition to this website, UxC also is a sponsor of Tellus Science Museum, a word-class museum affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute and based in Cartersville, Georgia.